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Hi, sorry for discontinued post about that old flores overland trip. Yeah, I wasnt even post about the best parts of the trip yet, but believe me Komodo Islands' Live on Boat is gonna be one of your best trip experience in your life ;)

Anyway, have you ever starred at notepad for hours trying to write something but you have no clue of what you should write? I did, almost every single day in these past weeks. Or months, maybe. Being quiet in my room, stoned, staring the laptop's screen, freezing.

Bocah-bocah bolak-balik keluar masuk kamar bilang, Hello? Are you nut? Been 2 hours and you type nothing, your body is here but your mind is lost somewhere bla bla bla.

Writer's block, people call it. A state when a writer's brain presumably f*cked up too much that they cant reprhrase ideas or topics into writings. Tinggal dua setengah bulan sebelum ganti tahun dan gue masih punya selusin topik paper, makalah, dan kawan-kawannya yang harus ditulis. And this is it, writer's block perfectly pick the 'best' time to strike. Well, let me post some tulisan gak jelas di blog ini so this d*mn block would break. Hopefully.

By the way, people say starting is the hardest part, the rest will follow. But have you ever think if the start would be this hard, then the rest must be harder than this? Its not about writing anyway. Its about waiting. Waiting for the only thing you wait for the whole day but it never come. I hate the feeling when you start something that you know will not work. This just wont work and I knew that but I still stubbornly start it. Ah sepertinya saya butuh long solo travelling trip lagi..

Monday, October 10, 2016
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  1. Really, twin??
    Really?? After months and quota I've been spending all this time?


    *nulis ya nulis, ga harus perfek. Bikin puisi pengganti tulisan ya ok. Haiku juga oke, ga panjang2 amat. Kasih foto. Cakeps deh...


    1. Haha, ya maap, ntar aja kapan2 diceritain langsung :D

      Tulisan bwt kerjaan maksudnya, masa ya dikasih puisi :))

  2. Boleee.. Tgl 1 nov aq ke jogja trus tgl 3 aq stay di nongkojajar.. Deket kan? Meet up yak!

    Yo gpp kasih puisi, paling dimarahin.. Atau dianggap lagi galau trus disuruh ngulang lagi.. Digawe gampang ae hahaha

    1. yaah, weekend 4-6 nov saya sudah dibooking sama org lain :))
      sampe kapan disana? ntar kabar2in aja yak

  3. Bisa jadi sampe akhir tahun Twin!
    Okaaaaay. Ntar aq kabar2.. Sippppoooo


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