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It seems i'm on a strange yet familiar situation right now. Late night at a small bus station, people is gazing curiously. Should be in hurry to catch time to meet some people 193kms away from here, but still, i'm sitting here blogging.

Tahun 2015 tinggal 5 hari, dan dalam 365 hari terakhir gue baru posting 3 kali di blog ini. Krik.. Ketika kerjaan kamu sehari2 menulis menulis dan menulis laporan, makalah, slideshow, dan kawan-kawannya, bisa dipastikan selera ngeblog kamu bakal menguap.

And it takes night like this for my bloging mood to come.

By the way, sometimes a tought slip pass through my mind. I wonder how can people live in this dull bored world. Crap TV shows, joke political news, showing-off lifestyle, people just love being smart-ass even on things they dont really know. Some say "anyone who judges you by the kind of car you drive or the shoes you wear isn't someone worth impressing", but hey, what can you do if you live on that kind of society? After all, dull is dull. Bank loan to effort your brand new car is silly, especially when there's only Rp 4 millions are written on your payroll. But that's the kind of society i live on. The silly one.

And then, word " friend" in dull world means break promise easily, pretend to care but not care enough, being nice in front of you but talks about you behind the door, etc etc etc.

Ah sudahlah. Sebenernya gue cuman mau posting tentang betapa ngaconya perjalanan gue kali ini. Selama ini, tiap ngetrip gue selalu main cantik. All out nyusun itinerary yang high precision, koleksi puluhan kontak penginapan dan transportasi, menghitung budget sedetail mungkin, dan yang pasti paling anti ngetrip di musim hujan karena pemandangan dengan langit mendung atau berawan tanpa warna biru nggak sepadan dengan biaya yang dikeluarkan. Tapi kali ini gue bener-bener skip itu semua. Overland sampai 11 hari kedepan tanpa rencana, tanpa bayangan gimana-gimananya nanti, tanpa kebayang budget berapa, bener-bener tanpa persiapan apa-apa.

And the crazy thing is the idea just came out last night, with some strangers i just know last night, and now here i am, waiting for next bus to start the journey.

My domestic friends would call it crazy but fortunately i've had enough listen them talking for now. Believe it or not, sometimes strangers are better than friends on understanding, keeping promises, and accept you the way you are.

Well then, the bus is waiting. See ya.
Saturday, December 26, 2015
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