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People come and go. Some you'll miss, some you'll forget, and sometimes you'll suddenly miss one you've forgotten.

I met someone on a job interview years ago. She came from a city hundreds miles far to the west. I was too, but on the opposite direction. On that small town we found the chemistry at no time at all. But then time happened. We had to go back to each other's city.

Time passed, we both got the job. I took it, but suprisingly she didn't. She got better job on Bandung, a city she'd always dreamt of for living. Well, we kept on contact, but after that time and distance naturally stopped it. Back to each other's life. From stranger back to stranger. But at the very end of our last talk she made me promise on one thing. That i will meet her anytime I travel to Bandung.

Anyway, that promise only stay as promise. I went to Bandung like million times after that, and not a single call done. I didnt even remember about her, until tonight.

Nowadays its hard to resist having your name and identity being shown on google. I'm not a stalker type, nor put "search people on google" on my hobby lists, but i admit i done it to her once, back years ago. Got everything, blog, tumblr, facebook, twitter, instagram, everything.

And now, sitting bored on a small coffeeshop on the corner of her beloved city, i put her name again on the searchbar. Just to know how her life going, what she wrote on her blog, has she finally married, with whom. Just to kill boredom. And you know what, i get nothing. Empty blog, deleted tumblr, no social media. She has a unique name so it supposed to be easy to find it on google. But no result except from her college site. Then i tried to reach her number, just to convince myself. Not working. Tried on all messenger apps too, just to found out she's not on my contact list anymore. But how can one vanish like a vapor? Changed her number, deleted all social medias and blog, dissapeared from messengers. I'm just curious if she's still living in this city. I stay just 1 km away from her office, but it seems that we will never meet again.

Well let it be. Some people are meant to come in our life for just one time. Some leave good memories. Some we just forget. Some leave marks we cant forget. Some just leave before we had a chance to say thank you or sorry. All we can do is  living the moment, feel the emotions, and wish the best for their life.

Sunday, February 19, 2017
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